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"A difficult challenge brings out the best in people." This means that hard tasks can make a person excel beyond what they could normally do. This quote is something that happens to everyone, and they may not even it. In my observation, this is true.

One of my personal experiences with this, is when i had to race a fourth grader to get my phone back. Usually i wasn't a fast runner and didn't like running, but to get my phone back i was willing to do anything. I ran so fast that everyone in the neighborhood came to see me. I was fast ahead the fourth grader finally i reached the tree, where we bet we would stop, of course i got my phone back but since then when i had a chance to run, i would run like i did that time.

In my favorite movie, The Hunger Games, Katniss volunteers to join the annual Hunger Games instead of her sister, Prim. Katniss is put there to kill all of the components and hope to win. Katniss is different after she wins The Games. It changed her into a better, and opened purpose.

In the book Holes, Stanely is sent to a horrible camp, and he has