The Best In You!

"A difficult challenge brings out the best in people." That means that sometimes when people do complicated things they end up up becoming even better and improving. I agree with this quote because if you've observed olympic runners or swimmers they always push them selves to the limit and always excel. Lazy people never improve either. Well they might improve in being unsuccessful. That is why I agree with this quote.

I agree with this quote because all of those famous people. How do you think they go to be so popular? They went through all of the hard, difficult training just to get to the position they're in now. "I won't give up." is a song lyric from Jason Delrulo. They all of problems and they get through them. Why don't the lazy people?

This quote reminds me of my favorite toddler book called The Little Engine That Could. In that book the little, blue, train gets told he can't climb a mountain. So he ended pushing himself to do it. That train ended up being very successful. All the up the mountain all he said was "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!" The little train that could gave himself the confidence to go up that mountain. What a great story!

The next reason why I agree with the quote is because when I was little I used to ride horses. Then I thought that it was to hard, so I gave horseback riding up. A couple of years ago I started that sport up again. I even bought a horse! Isn't that cool? Now I go to horse shows and get first and second places. I ended up being very successful. Don't you think?

One more reason why I think that quote is true is because of my favorite movie Holes. In this movie a bot named Stanley is in the wrong place in the wrong time. He escapes from bad boy camp and him and his friend travel to safety. On their way there and back they fight to survive the blistering sun, the empty stomaches, and the parched throat. When they get back to camp they dig for treasure and find thousands of dollars. That's why I agree with the quote.

I think the quote "A difficult challenge brings out the best in people," is true . I wonder why people never challenge themselves? I wonder why people always take the easy way out? I wonder why people think they'll end up fine if they think the easy way out is the best way out? I wonder, oh, I wonder.