To Give Your BestZack Yung

"A difficult challenge brings out the best in people." It means that without obstacles in life, you will never be at your best so that you can't accomplish anything. Maybe this doesn't make total sense to people at all.Yes, I'm not saying that obstructions can't be troublesome. Though in my perspective, this proverb is logical like ground is to sky as cat is to dog and will be beneficial in the end .

Thomas Edison, one of my favorite inventors. Also, one of the best known and well-respected people of all time. Some people even know him as the "Father of Invention!" Why? Since this genius invented the incandescent light bulb, probably something you use everyday in your house! Incandescent means a light bulb containing a filament that glows white when heated. Not to mention, Edison has patented over 2,000 inventions. His failures made himself think more on how to improvise the light bulb. With that depriving collections of failures, Edison's work paid off. He soon would know that he had just changed the world! Like I stated, he created tons of more creations. For example, another popular innovation of his was the phonograph. In fact, I could look up into a visible, clear night and name an invention of Edison's for every star I saw!

Same story with Pinocchio the movie. It's about a puppet who wants to be a real boy, but he must not lie for a certain period of time or else his nose gets longer. In order to fulfill his dream, he must overcome a challenge. Forcing him to try his best not to lie. This movie is one of my most adored productions and I recommend you to see it if you haven't!

Just like Pinocchio, Larry Bird, a pro basketball player retired from the NBA, had a protracting, tiresome odyssey to travel through until he reached the end. Have you ever heard the saying, "Practice makes perfect?" Bird didn't just go straight to the NBA from college, he put blood, sweat, and tears into his effort! For instance, Larry Bird would be shooting hoops all day if he didn't get things the way he wanted to be! What was at the end of his journey full of hard work? Respect, Fame, Wealth and more! Most of all, what he deserved for his work ethic.

My story is different from Bird and shorter, but it's basically still the same concept. Whistling for me was one of the hardest things to do.Though with practice everyday, progress was made a little by little! From blowing out wind, to making a peep, to finally making sound! Just like Bird again, "Practice makes perfect." I mean I still can't whistle perfectly though, but if I keep trying I will eventually!

Now that I think of it, I wonder why people give up when they are in hard times and take the easy way. I wonder what would have happened if they altered their choice. Maybe if they took on the challenges, it could have made their lives better. Perhaps even change the world into a better place just like Edison did!

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