What Happened, Can Happen Again
Have you ever been picked on or bullied? Well that is nothing compared to the 11 million people who suffered from the Nazis. Memories still haunt the survivors, while the loss of over 6 million Jews, and 5 million others is a horrible tragedy as it is. Imagine you are coming home from school, having a normal day. You get home and are taken from your family and sent to a concentration camp. You work all day and you barely get to eat anything. Many believe that 6th graders aren't mature enough to understand the annihilation of so many people.What is your opinion? 6th graders should learn about the Holocaust because we are mature enough, we need to know about people being prejudice, and we can't let this happen again.

A lot of people think that 6th graders are immature kids, but I believe that we can handle the abomination of Jews, as well as other people, that the Nazi party caused. 6th graders are mature enough to have the knowledge of the horrific event that Hitler caused. It is reality, and 6th graders will be exposed to things like this eventually. As Evan Underhill once said, "It is essential that all kids are aware of what happened, and what can happen." We need to know that this can happen in the future. If someone has the same idea as the Nazis, who knows what will happen?

Hitler, as well as the whole Nazi party, were prejudice against Jews, and other people. Maud Dahme is one of the Jewish children that was hidden from the Nazis during the Holocaust. If no one helped her, she probably would have gone up the smokestack. A christian family hid her and her sister in their home. Soon they had to be moved to a different family. While there she noticed that a Jewish boy was also in hiding near their home, where she had to feed him everyday. A few soldiers noticed them, but didn't do anything. The moral of this story is that if these people didn't help them they might not be here today, which is why we also have to keep helping others. He only wanted to keep the Aryan race alive, his version of a perfect race. We need to learn tolerance, for that is an important trait for all of humanity to still be alive. Also, prejudice still happens today. Whether it is happening in China, Nigeria, or even in our own backyards, it is still a serious topic. If we don't prevent people from being prejudice, the Holocaust could happen again.

Almost no one wants this event to happen again. We have to prevent it from appearing again. History repeats itself, so this can happen again, anytime, anywhere. This was a lurid event. This means it was shocking. This is true, because what human could imagine six million Jewish people, children, adults, the elderly, being annihilated. Knowing about this topic, 6th graders can realize what a horrible event it was, and try to stop it from happening again. As my brother once mentioned, " We cannot forget our common history." It is true. If we forget, we won't be prepared for it to happen again.

Even though some may say 6th graders don't understand what we are being taught, it is important that we know what happened, and what can happen. Some people think that we should wait to be taught about this sensitive topic, it is important that everyone knows, and everyone remembers. Is it really worth forgetting, and letting this happen again. 6 million Jews and 5 million more perished during the Holocaust. For the sake of all people, 6th graders have to know about the dismay that happened not too long ago.