Which is Better: Understanding or Not?By Francesca Tannenbaum
The Holocaust was a terrible event that should never have to happen to anyone ever again. But are sixth graders old enough to grasp the horrors of the Holocaust? Are sixth graders old enough to handle it? Is giving kids the knowledge going to do anything other than scare them? If they are scared about it, is it good because they understand how terrible it was? Sixth graders should learn about how horrific the Holocaust was because they have enough maturity, understand prejudice, and should learn why to prevent it.

One reason sixth graders should learn about this tragedy is because they're mature enough to handle it. Sixth graders should have enough knowledge about the world to understand just how bad this really was. They should learn to face reality, which the Holocaust was. Some cultures in the world deny the Holocaust actually happened, which would have been great for the Jews in Germany during 1933 to 1945. Other people just don't believe something this horrifying could actually be reali5612ft_Hololcaust_Picture.jpgty! As Hannah says in The Devil's Arithmetic, "We should fight, we should go down fighting. I want to be a hero."

The truth is, Adolf Hitler started all of this because he was prejudice. Learning about the Holocaust can teach everyone that they need to be tolerant of everyone else's race and religion. Most people that were put into camps probably were nice, but no one would know unless they weren't scarred forever by their experiences. Some people that were killed in camps probably could have gone on to amazing things, but they didn't t have the opportunity. Many different groups of people were taken by Germans before the Jews. Personally, this kind of topic is still scary, and it started 88 years ago!

In twelve years, over six million Jews were murdered. Murdered. Sixth graders should learn about the Holocaust because history does repeat itself. As awful as that is, it's a true statement. As quoted by George Santayana, “Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it." George Santayana is trying to say that someone that forgets or ignores this tragic event, they may be one of the people to start another. Who knows? The one they start could be even worse than the one in Germany. Right now, there are holocausts going on in countries such as North Korea, Iraq, and Bosnia; these countries are experiencing genocide. Genocide is the act of getting rid of a certain race or religion.

Even though the Holocaust ended 67 years ago, it's still on of the most tragic events in the world. Most people aren't around to tell their horrendous story, but that doesn't mean we should just ignore it. In my title, I was trying to get you thinking about whether it's better to understand this awful tragedy or not have this helpful and useful knowledge. Are sixth graders old enough to grip the facts of the Holocaust? I think they are. Sixth graders should learn about the Holocaust.

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