100 Pounds of Padding

"A difficult challenge brings out the best in people." This simply means that when someone has to work hard for something, they reveal their hidden talents. Everyone has a hidden talent. A hidden talent is a talent that a lot of people don't know about. Most people have hidden talents they didn't even know they had.

One of my favorite shows, "The Biggest Loser", is about overweight contestants that try troublesome challenges and lose weight. The contestants are placed on teams with each other and each week the person that didn't lose enough weight is eliminated. At times, the contestants get frustrated, but in each of the challenges, someone finds something else they're great at. For example, when everyone had to hang on to something about 10 feet in the air, the winner found out they were actually good at holding on. The contestants are surprised at how hard the challenges may seem, but they always have to push themselves. Another challenge was when the contestants had to carry items up a 15 foot dirt pile while 100 pounds worth of padding was tied to them.

I do gymnastics, and I have many difficult skills I have to preform. For instance, a back flip on floor. I've always thought that I couldn't do them because I don't jump back enough, I was always scared. But one day, I just had to push myself to go for it, then I stood up, and found out I was great at them. "You can't knock it until you try it."
A great movie based on "Rapunzel" is "Tangled", which is almost the same as "Rapunzel". A girl named Rapunzel, with 70-foot long hair, has to escape from a castle she's been trapped in since she was born, using her hair as a rope. While she was outdoors, Rapunzel was exposed to many new things. While on the journeys, she had to challenge herself, like when she was nearly killed by men in a casino. Rapunzel was much more joyful knowing that she could escape dangerous situations.

One of the most inspiring people, Helen Keller, has gone through tons of impediments throughout her life. From when she was just two years old until she died. Helen Keller went blind and deaf when she was only two. Since she was hardworking, Helen Keller eventually learned how to speak, read Braille, and write! Helen Keller had many hidden talents, and without determination, Helen Keller wouldn't be nearly as famous or inspiring for what she did.
Some people have probably heard the quote "a difficult challenge brings out the best in people." Even though they know this, why don't others follow it? Why don't they take a risk? Why don't they want to find something they're good at? Why? Personally, I think this is a great motto for someone that wants to know what they're good at.