Some Times the Journey is the Prize

The quote
'' A difficult challenge brings out the best in everyone''This quote is basically saying that when you are challenged it helps better your self .This quote applies to everything including sports spelling history, music, art and many more.But sometimes the journey is the prize.

This quote reminds me of one of my favorite movie the Karate Kid.Like when daniel had done all those training exercises. because He was bulled he was the new kid in town. And he took the town bullies girl.Like the wax one and wax of.Or when on that yellow beach withe the sparkling blue ocean .With the poles where daniel did the crane kick.At the tournament and it all prayed off. And He had a lot of fun doing it.

I have ad many challenges I my life, te biggest one is when a big basket ball game was coming up.I did not think I was good enough to vs this team.So I excluded my self fromall the sweets for whole week .And everyday I went to the park with my dad to trainn.When we faced the team they looked big and intimidating.After a long and hard strugel we won 42 39.

If there were no challenges in the would there be no succesful in this world? I wonder how many challenges you have overcome in life?Were they really worth it.I think the little challenges like riding a bike will help you prepare you for bigger challenges like riding in the Olympics.

One of my favorite books called holes,reminds me of this quote.When staniel has to cross the dry waste land he was left in.And he has to find is only friend zero.With out food or water Just an empty canteen.How he overcame that hallenge and found a zero food and water.