I'm going to cry, I a'int gonna cry

I stand here
beside my faithful friend
looking at his crippled body
I was sure this is the end

I think of Johnny's life
full of whips and beatings
It can't end this way
His life barely close to completing

I look over at Dally
not able to read his face
seeing as he did not move,
I was sure he was lost in space

I a'int gonna cry
I hold back my tears
scared it will all come out
my biggest secrets and fears

I told him, I told him to get out of that building
of course, he a'int gonna hear
So instead he had to go on and die
That moment, I knew death was near

I look over at Pony,
tears waterin' in his eye
he was the one that did this!
And for that, Johnny had to die.

I remember when we sat out on that lot
looking at the stars
lost in our own thoughts
always wishin' I had a cigar.

Then running away that same night
'till we couldn't catch our breath
Johnny being so understanding
but now he must meet death.

I feel anger bubbling inside of me
that Johnny cake suddenly hushed
I just can't take it
So out that door I rush

Runnin' to wherever
I don't really care
but when I expect to see him again,
Johnny'll never be there