Dancing With The Beast
"A difficult challenge brings out the best in people." This means that the harder the obstacle people have to face, the better they are in representing themselves, or the better they may seem to other people. Sometimes it's hard to tell a person's traits until something horrible happens, making them seem like your savior.

In the story of the Beauty and the Beast, Belle is forced to live in a castle with a charmed beast who is really a prince. When he realizes that he needs someone to fall in love with him for his real self to return, he starts to realize that he does care for his damsel in distress. In order for Beast to get Belle to like him, he has to be nice. Soon, he's not trying. He actually cares! Woah, a beast having feelings? Since when? The stress of getting back to a handsome prince must have motivated him to show the real guy behind a monster. Beauty and the Beast is not only my favorite movie, but it shows how being nice can make a difference.

In my experience, like any other middle school kid, I've been forced to be partners with someone who I would rather not speak to, or look at. Although, as soon as we start our project, while I'm so ready to say to the teacher, "can I switch partners?", the person proves to be a worthy accomplice, sometimes, only letting my teacher smirk an "I told you so." The challenge of a simple lab helped me realize that I shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

Lindsey Lohan used to be one of the world's most loved actresses. Now, she has been having trouble with drug abuse, but is trying to overcome it to be the actress that she used to be. Of course she didn't have to go to rehab to figure out what she's doing wrong, but hey, whatever works.

Of course I wouldn't have wanted to dance with a hairy beast to learn that a challenge can bring out the best in people, but I don't have to worry, he's animated. Sometimes I wonder if people will show the same kindness if nothing bad has happened? If they would just remain that jerk that you hear about that sits next to you in math class? Would that person be your faithful lab partner? Or turn out to be a REAL beast?