Revealing Your "Best"
"A difficult challenge bring out the best in people." This quote means that anything that gets in your way or is an obstacle for you shows others your real self. Imagine somebody coming over and telling you to write a 15 page essay by tomorrow. You would think that's impossible and ridiculous. Some people might try their best to finish it. While others might not even think about doing it. That's what the quote means. That's how you get to know somebody.

For me, I have experienced many, many challenges that I have to overcome. When I was younger, I had to practice getting by back handspring during gymnastics while my other classmates had theirs perfectly. That was a challenge for me with embarrassment. Now that I've been doing gymnastics for many years, I can do a back handspring by myself. All challenges include failures. All failures sum up to success.

One of my favorite movies since I was young, Cinderella is an example of the quote. Forced to do many chores by her evil step-mother, and her step-sisters, Cinderella overcomes many challenges. As a result, as a beautiful princess, Cinderella goes to the elegant ball.
Many of my favorite athletes including Michael Jordan and Venus Williams. They all have experienced challenges and obstacles that were in their way. Those athletes went through pain and all the failures. But look at them now. It doesn't mean they always win. No athlete has never lost because of all their courage, their belief in their self, and their "best" effort. That made then such a great athlete.
Whether somebody tries to achieve their goal or not, chooses your way of life for each person. Someone who encourages themselves, makes a goal, and tries their very best, shows you that they are a hard worker and strong. On the other hand, someone who doesn't challenge their effort and is lazy, is someone who really is lazy ans they wouldn't be able to step up to be a better person. That is their "best" they can do, If they aren't willing to try, they can't.
Even though some people might think they are not smart, they are smart in their own way. If you take a challenge and succeed, you can take another step up like stairs leading you somewhere. But that somewhere is nowhere. You can always step up to your "best" in yourself.
It's like a competition. A competition between the obstacles in your way and you. Each time you win, you can go up a step of your best and show your better trait. Your life is up to your confidence. Your life is up to your "best in others."