"A difficult challenge brings out the best in people." A hard impediments brings out the best personalities of people. Perhaps, this is true. Challenges makes mind work, with working minds your true personalities come out.

In the Holocaust, the Jews were forced to really hard physical labor. There best was brought out of them because of the challenges of everyday life. Holocaust is a time when Hitler wanted all the Jews exterminated.

One of my favorite movies, The Devils Arithmetic, Hannah had to work really hard in a Nazi concentration camp. She had to work hard to live another day. Her Challenge made her best personality show.

During the NJASK, I have a big challenge to face. My difficult challenge is finishing the writing portion on time. This bring the best work out of me, I do well under pressure.

The space junk is a difficult challenge for every one in the space industry. There is a company under a lot of pressure to make a device, to clean up space junk. Under this pressure, their best work will show.

Why do difficult challenges bring out the best of people? Why do the Jews want to live another day in the camps? Why did we let so much space junk gather in orbit of the Earth? "A difficult challenge brings out the best in people."