Challenges from Books to Singing

The quote "a difficult challenge brings out the best in people" means in a horrible situation, people find the best in themselves when someone is sad. Imagine being in a bad situation and someone is making jokes just to make keep themself from getting sad. Not all difficult challenges are that easy to bring out the best in people, but I agree with this quote.

If people think about this quote,they can imagine some people who followed the quotation . Anne Frank who was in the Holocaust goes along with this quote because she was confided in that she would try to survive. This amazing woman is inspiring because of her confidence. I know that George Washington goes with this quotation because he had courage and confidence in the Civil War.

Even in books this quote fits. In one of my favorite books is "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows", Harry Potter finds his courage when he is defeating Voldemort. His courage helps him win. Also in " The Red Pyramid" the two characters, Carter, and Sadie who are siblings find room in their heart for each other. They don't know each other a lot even when they are brother and sister, but when they go on a quest with each other they learn things about each other that they never new.

The singer Britney Spears went though a difficult challenge when she shaved her head and went into rehab. Today she is trying to get back where she was before. A ton of stars have difficult challenges, but will face them.

I can relate to this quote because one time I saw that my sister was mad. To turn that frown up side down, I cheered her up by trying to make her laugh. Another time my friend and I were scared to audition for the play , but my friend said it would be okay and we went on stage anyway.

Some people might not go along with this quote. I wonder why. I wonder what other people think of this quotation. This probably happens all the time. Without this quotation we would give up in a bad situation.