We Must Remember

The Holocaust, also known as The Final Solution, was one of the most horrifying times in history. During this time, many innocent people were killed in cold blood and died in vain, just because they were "different" in other people's perspectives. People should learn about this tragic time to understand things about the world, and to remember all of the innocent people that died during this dark time. Teachers should teach this to their students in grades six and up. I think six-graders should learn about the Holocaust because we possess the maturity, the knowledge of prejudicial actions, and the wisdom that history repeats itself.

Six-graders should learn about the Holocaust because we have the maturity to learn what happened during this terrifying We have the knowledge to understand these things, and to comprehend the horrible genocide and discrimination that happened. Genocide is the complete extermination of a race or religion. It is also reality!‍ People do these things today, but not as harsh.‍ It occurs in places as little as the coast of Somalia, to the largeness of the United States.

The whole Holocaust all started with people, like Adolf Hitler, who were prejudice the Jews, and anyone else who either stood in his way, or wasn't blond-haired and blue-eyed.‍ The Nazis had no tolerance for any of these people, and ended up just eliminating them from the world. They also blamed many people for their problems, in this case, the Jews. ‍"What is the Alphabet of Evil? Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Chelmno, the names of camps, rolling off the tongue, the tongue lolling in the mouth, the mouth hanging open, broken teeth, a gasp of breath, the alphabet of death," says Jane Yolen.‍ This is indeed true, since people were "different" in the eyes of the Nazis. Hitler had very specific features of his idea of the "perfect race" on Earth, the Aryan race.

Another big reason why we should learn about the Holocaust is that we have to prevent it from happening again. History repeats itself, and it can happen anytime, anywhere. This was an extremely horrifying and tragic event. If we learn about this this topic, we can be prepared to stop it if it happens again. As Jonah Dori once said, " We must remember our past, in order do have a better future." This is true. We must remember the past, to prevent anything similar in the future. Discrimination and genocide can be happening across the street, or even next to you.

Many tragic events happened during the Holocaust. Innocent people were massacred, experimented on, and murdered. We must remember all of these things, not to hurt us, but to help us prevent these things in the future, should they ever happen. Would you like to be an innocent person being murdered, or even the cause of genocide? This was why I think six-graders should learn about the Holocaust.