Life's Obstacles

I think the quote "A difficult challenge brings out the best of people" means that if you overcome a tremendous obstacle, you know you can do it again. This is one of the stories of my life, and I bet its many other people's too. People overcome their obstacles every day. They have

Think about this. The reason famous athletes, like Eli Manning and LeBron James, came to be who they are today by overcoming obstructions that stood in their way. Eli Manning was always picked last during his gym class, but today, he's one of the best football players that ever lived. LeBron James was also picked last for almost every sport in gym when he was young because he was a lefty. He is currently a great basketball player who plays for the Miami Heat

When I went on my first rollercoaster, I was very scared since I was very young. I was afraid of falling off the rollercoaster when it was at its highest peak, but I still rode it. After I went on it, I went on all of the rollercoasters in the amusement park. I had overcome that impediment, and I wasn't worried anymore. This inspired me to take on bigger impediments, and to face life's challenges.

This quote also refers to Pinnochio. All Pinnochio wanted is to become a real boy, but he kept on lying, which kept on pulling him farther away from his goal. He had overcame a huge hindrance that was very important, if he wanted to live a typical life. A hindrance is a very big obstacle or challenge. This is one of my favorite movies because it inspires me to always tell the truth, and face the encumbrances that await me.

This is how well this quote applies to real life. If you overcome a huge obstacle, you go on to overcome even bigger ones down the road. I wonder why people don't overcome their encumbrances eftsoon? This quote can teach a lot about life, and how if you overcome an obstruction, it pays off.