Can't Give up

How do you feel about challenges? Are they annoying, upsetting, or are they good and helpful? I feel that the quote "A difficult challenge brings out the best in people." is true.This quote means people can be better under pressure. Their hidden talents can be revealed when faced with obstacles. Has a difficult challenge made someone act different?

A challenge can sometimes get people upset.One time, I had a big project to do with a group. It was hard for all of us. In the end though I realized the girls I worked with were very different under pressure. We had a lot of fun and got a really good grade. I also made some new friends.

Recently, I read an article about space junk. Space junk is not good for space because it is dangerous for satellites and people on space crafts. Some scientists were coming up with ideas and building a robot to clean up space junk. While creating this these scientists were faced with many challenges. They are trying to clean up junk in space while here on Earth we are trying to clean up junk too.

And what about the American Revolution? Our soldiers had so many losses against the British. They also lost many men. Sometimes they marched into battle starving and wearing rags. These soldiers had so many challenges yet they still won for our country, which I think is amazing.

One of my favorite actresses, Lindsay Lohan. You think of a lot of bad things. Well those were all challenges. Her drug abuse and her going to rehab. But still after all these set backs she still tries to be the great actress she was. This shows me that if you keep trying you can get what you want even with challenges.

So why do challenges upset some people still? Why don't they makes us happy when we hear about having one? Some people may think challenges are horrible but I think they teach you something. So go out there make some friends, keep trying, be amazing, and challenge yourself.