You May Just Surprise Yourself
"A difficult challenge brings out the best in people." This quote means that when a person faces an easy situation, they won't have to try so hard to succeed, when as you have to put in more effort in a hard problem. I agree with this quote because without difficult challenges in your life, you wouldn't have the chance to know what you're capable of.
For example, in the book The Hunger Games , the main character, Katniss Everdeen, didn't know how to use her survival skills in anything other than keeping her family alive. Throughout the rest of the book, everyone realized it was her ability that kept her alive. I love this book because it shows that when you're in a sticky situation, sometimes you find out things you never knew about yourself before. This realization helped Katniss survive throughout the book.
In one of my favorite movies Forest Gump, the main protagonist, Forest Gump, solved his problems by running. Forest ran constantly. This allowed him to discard his leg braces. We are our own little miracles ourselves. With that, I think we should know as much as we can about us before we "kick the bucket". Sometimes situations show how a person deals with things. Sometimes they solve more than doing what you love. More than acing a test. More than anything you've ever wished for. It can take the most average person and take them to the greatest heights, and, who knows? You may just surprise yourself.
I am building up as a performer. When I was in fourth grade, and frankly, still singing in the shower, I never knew what I was capable of. By the summer of sixth grade, I was in awe with myself, since just last year I was that tall nerdy girl who could only dream of being onstage.The first time I ever performed, I was as nervous as heck when they called my name as the seventh talent show contestant. To this day, I love performing, and the feeling of being onstage is breathtaking. If I never got on that stage that one day, I would be stuck with karaoke my whole life.
Hurricane Katrina, a huge natural disaster that occurred in 2005, had a big effect in our nation. It was said for the damages to cost over 80 billion dollars! Even though the damage was mostly done in New Orleans, the whole country took a stand. Our country is high in debt, low in money, and many people who have lost jobs, but we still contributed to this by donating money so that almost all of the damages were fixed. Many people lost their homes to this disaster, and yet people of the U.S. are still considerate enough to spend money for other's benefit.
I wonder how our world would be if no one took the challenge, or went for the risk. Would Katniss win the Hunger Games? Would Forest Gumps still love a run? Would New Orleans still be suffering? Would I even LOOK at a stage? You wouldn't know yourself as well as you do now if you didn't have a challenge every once in a while. "A difficult challenge brings out the best in people." We may find out new traits about ourselves.