From Aggravation to Inspiration

"A difficult challenge brings out the best out of people". I think this means that an obstacle or task can show a person's personality or identity. Because people are revealed when they are full of emotion, I agree with this quote. Along with bring the best out of people a challenge can also provoke the worst.

Do you think Steve Jobs had challenges? You decide, his family was not very attentive, but that gave him time to build things like computers. Stephen King also had many uneasy tasks like when he faced a time when no one would pay for his stories, but that pushed him to try harder. Also Jackie Robinson, he was not loved by fans and it had not been easy, yet he got on a major league team and won the champion chip because it brought out the strength within him.

Everyone has challenges, many of mine are still yet to be fulfilled, but they bring out the best in me and push me to try harder. Like a riddle book I own, everyday when I got home I would try to solve as many puzzles as I could. My dad also had many challenges that brought him to be a successful scientist. Such as going through a college that was academically frowned upon because he didn't know any good colleges when he came to America. Although that juggled with his chances to become a successful person he still became a scientist and vice president of a company.

A classic story that always inspired me was Call of the Wild. This story explains and tells the epic journey of Buck, a dog used to living a nice quiet life, being taken to Alaska. There Buck was forced to compete with terrible wolves and beasts. Imagine being Buck. Imagine having to sleep in a hole in the ice of Alaska. Imagine feeling lost in a world of white. How would you feel living in a barren wasteland?

Challenges to many people may seem aggravating. Many want to remit any they have. People may think others have no challenges, but that belies. Everyone must face challenges. Everyone must embark on journeys kings, queens, stars, dukes, proletarians, and even kids. These obstructions may not necessarily be like the ones you have faced, no, but they could follow in your foot steps.

Even though challenges can be aggravating without them we could not see the true us. The challenging road reveals yourself. Obstacles are the window to the soul. Some people take their challenges on, but others like me feel the need to shirk their challenges, but eventually dilapidated. They can bring out your demon, which can lead t a pernicious scenario, or your angel, that can keep you in an innocuous situation. Which does it bring out for you?