Under Pressure

"A difficult challenge brings out the best in people," This means that you show what your made of during a challenging task. I totally agree with this quote. You don't have to do your best to succeed during an easy task. You do your best when you have a challenge.

A lot of people do their best when something is on the line. Michael Jordan, for instance, played one of his best games when he had the flu. When the 2007 New York Giants had to face the 18-0 Patriots, they played their best game and won. Another example is the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals were down to their last strike in an elimination game of the World Series and came back to win the series.

In my life experience, tough challenges have brought the best out of me. In basketball, some of my best games were against tough teams.It was because of the challenge I faced. In baseball, I pitched 9 strikeouts against the best team in the league. A difficult challenge brings out the best in me.

Even some movies can relate to this quote. For example, Rocky. Rocky was a no name until he put up a good fight against well-known Apollo Creed. That was Rocky's best fight. A hard challenge brought out the best in Rocky.

A few books follow this quote. For example, the Alex Rider series. Alex comes through against the world's worst people. That was definitely a difficult challenge. Difficult challenges brought out the best in Alex.

Challenges face all of us on a daily basis. Our attitude towards those challenges helps define the outcome. In my opinion, a difficult challenge brings out the best in people.