The Devils Arithmetic

In the book The Devils Arithmetic there are two and pretty different rules, the camp rules and the Rivka's rules. They are also alike and there are reasons to prove my thesis. The first reason is they both keep orders in the camp. The next reason is they both are to warn the prisoners. The last reason is that they are both rules and the prisoners have to follow them. The next paragraph is very INTERESTING with the camps RULES.

The reader learns the camp's rules from many different sources such as the commandant, Rivka, the tattooist, and the three fingered woman. The commandant's rule is you should always work and don't ask questions or try to escape. Rivkas rule was you should always remember your everything bowl by its shape, dents, and scratches because you need that to wash, eat, and drink. The tattooist rule was should always remember your number or you will be killed. Then the three fingered womans rule was you are always to obey Schnell. The intent of the camps rules are to inform the reader how dangerous it was back then. The other intent was to show the Jews an example by killing somebody who wasn't working hard and that would show them that they should work hard or you will die.

The next type of rule are Rivka's rules. The first rule is that you should never stand next to a Greek because the Greek does not speak Yiddish or German and he will distract you and then you will both die. The next rule is never go into Lilith's Cave because once you go in you'll never come back out. The last rule is when the commandant comes help the little kids hide in the midden or they will be brought to Liliths cave. The intent of this is to inform the the people in the concentration of the importance of Rivkas part in the book and how hard it is. The other reason is that it tells the reader the dangers of the camp.

I hope everyone see's how dangerous the concentration camps are and to never look at this as a joke. Does everyone think they should've done this? Does EVERYONE think the world would've been better if this didn't happen. I actually think if this didn't happen the world would be the same..