Today I was playing dodgeball when suddenly my brother Rob came out of nowhere and chucked a dodgeball in my face so hard, even though he was on the same team as me, so I told him "now I'm angry".
Then he "so wat I got you so hard"
Suddenly I screamed so hard that the windows broke with a BANG!!!! So I told Rob that "I'm going to get him back so hard that he's going to have a rainstorm in his pantyhoes"
Rob suddenly said "oh yeah right you don't have the guts to prank me"
The next day in class he fell asleep so I put a cup of water on his hand and 10 minutes later when he woke up everyone was saying "haha do you need a diaper for those pants baby"
While he was getting embarresed I was planning my next skeem. In gym while we were playing dodgeball I poured dust in it and chucked it at him and once it hit him it explode into dust and he just said "COUGH COUGH".
My last prank was to tell his girlfriend netsirk that "he doesn't like you and he likes the wierdest girl."
Once i told her he said " I give up Im sorry"
I told him that "to not prank him anymore he had to do my homework for the rest of the decade".
He said ok and we lived happy with him doing my homework and me relaxing all day.