Narwhals VS Marlins

Have you ever wondered that narwhals and marlins are not that different, I have some facts to prove their similarities and differences. Here are their similarities first narwhals and marlins both have swords on top of their heads. The second thing is that they both swim and live in the water. The third reason is they both need to come up for air.

The first one that I'm comparing is the narwhal. Narwhals have loads of blubber in their stomach to keep them warm. The second thing is the narwhals thing is known as a sword but it's also known as a tusk. The last thing is the narwhal is not in the fish family like a marlin it is in the whale family.

The next one that I'm comparing is the marlin. The first thing about a marlin is it does not have blubber in its system, it relies on its slick skin to keep it warm. The second thing is the marlins thing on its head is not known as a tusk, its known as a sword. The last thing is the marlin likes warm temperate waters, unlike the narwhal which likes cold waters.

I hope you see how different these creatures are from each other. Which would you prefer the marlin or the narwhal. I would have to pick both because both of them are so awesome. They both have so many features that blow your mind. These awesome creatures are an important part to civilization so you should never harm these creatures.