I Build Walls

The poem "I Build Walls" was about this person who has to build walls or "a place to hold your feelings in" to save him from his feelings so he doesn't hurt himself. I feel that lines "Nine that says Walls that cover whats inside" and line "12 that says Walls that even block my eyes" are really important. I think line "12" is important because it really shows that he's really emotional and he says that he needs walls to hide it. I also think line "9" is important because it shows that if there weren't any walls everyone would see that he has so much feelings, but since there are walls, he could hide.
I sometimes build walls around myself when I have hurt feelings or something. Sometimes with my friends I see them so hurt in feelings so they need walls to hold them from over thinking too many feelings. I think the narrator actually does give a lot of info for why we need walls surrounding us. I know because in the poem it says " Walls that cover whats inside" or "walls meant to be fortresses" or better yet "Walls that say I shall not yield".
Ponyboy has actually built walls around him. He is actually hiding his feelings fromt he gang because he doesn't want them to see him like that. When Johnny broke his back, Pony started building walls around him. Pony was actually successful at the end of the book with breaking down his walls.
My opinion about wall is that there's a good for them and a bad time. A good time would be family member dies or a girl you like doesn't like you back or something like that and you have to let out your feelings to help you try to forget about it. A bad time would be if you lose at a video game or you rip a sheet of paper, because those things aren't the end of the world because you'll just do good the next time you try and maybe you won't rip that sheet paper and you'll actually finish that drawing.