Looking Back

"Do you think the Holocaust was a tragic seen and would you ever want this to happen again"? If this ever happens again,we would be able to fight back because we have more weapons and technology, but it would be a tragic scene. Some countries actually still have this hatred against other religions like some in Europe and even Asia. Would you help hide the Jews if this happened again? I think 6th grade students should learn about the Holocaust so they develop maturity, understand that prejudice continues today, and remember those who died.

The first reason why 6th graders should learn about the Holocaust is because they're mature enough. If this was told to some people who weren't mature, they'd think of this as a joke even though its not even close to one. But if you tell it to a mature person they'd take this seriously and think this should have never started. I think this should be taught to grades older then 3rd grade because people not that old would probably have nightmares or they would joke around with it. Do you think little kids should learn about it? Do think we should learn it?

The second reason is that prejudice continues today. The first thing that is prejudice today is Rachels Challenge, that is because kids just came in and shot a ton of people and one of them was Rachel a girl who respected everyone and who wanted everyone to be perfect.. Another one was 911 with the leader of that was obsamin ben lain he killed so many people by hitting The Worlds Trades Center.The other thing was in Washington since 2003 Darfur a terrible murderer has killed more then 400,000 people.

The last reason is to remember the people who died. This is important because if people remember this,they can remind kids in the future how bad it was and how many people died. Another reason is you could also tell people who are trying to do this again and if they say no you could give the Jews weapons to protect themselves. Would you give the Jews weapons and tell people in the future about this?

I hope you see how dangerous and terrible times were back then. If this happened and you were Jewish would you fight back? Some people think 6th graders are not mature enough to learn this, but WE ARE. Do you think this is a good idea to tell little kids?