"A difficult challenge brings out the best in people". I agree with this quote because people need go through difficult challenges in their life if they want to be successful. I mean if you have a challenge in life you will have a good education and great jobs. Also facing difficult challenges will make you stronger and more prepared for challenges. Heres an example if a professional football team verses all these terrible teams in the season, but then once they make it to the superbowl they will verse a hard team and lose because they have no good experience.

One example of a difficult challenge was in a book I read called is the myth called The Odyssey. The Odyssey is about a man named Odysseus who goes to an island that was run by cyclops. Then when Odysseus was trapped by the cyclops Odysseus stuck the cyclops in the eye and sailed away without being eaten. Then Poseidon, the father of the cyclops, punished Odysseus and he got trapped sailing on the ocean for 20 years. He lost so many men, and then 20 years later he returned home to his wife.

Another example of a difficult challenge was in the in the movie The Hangover pt 2. When these for men lost this kid when they were out partying all night. It took them so long to find him and return him back to his hometown and they went though so many difficult challenges to find. They actually found him a couple of weeks later in an elevator shaft hidden with his finger cut off.

The last example of a difficult challenge is a life example. When my 2 year old dog Teddy runs away it is a difficult challenge to retrieve him. This is so because my neighbor hood is really big and Teddy runs through the woods every time so it is very difficult to find him in the deep dark woods. We only had him for about 2 years and he has run away about 6-7 times. The first time we lost he only stayed in my yard but it was in the dark so it was really hard to see him The last time we lost him he was gone for about an hour and I found him licking a goose egg with the geese honking at him. I am also afraid of him running in the street and getting hit by a car. I mean just last my friend Luke's dog got hit by a car so you know how easily that could happen. I overcome this challenge by training with him in my backyard, that's safely fenced or I run around in the woods to get to know the surroundings and obstacles inside the woods.

Again people need difficult challenges in their life if they want to be successful. I hope you see how important it is to have a difficult challenge in life. Have you ever had a difficult challenge in life? Do you think you achieved your goal with that challenge.