Samurai vs. Ninjas
Have you took time to think on some of the greatest warriors ever lived? Well well most people don't. Some of the most interesting are the Japanese fighters known as the samurai, and the ninjas. Each warrior has its own strengths, skills, and weapons.

The samurai is one of the most deadly fighters the world has every known. Their mobility is limited by there heavy armor. But because of there heavy armor they were trained to be masters at horseback fighting. The armor was called yoroi(made out of iron strips and connected together by leather straps)which has a box-like look to it. The one weapon that the samurai used was the katana. The only long ranged weaponry that the samurai used was a bow and arrow which was later replaced by a special rifle. Their loyalty to there master/s was unbreakable in life and death. The story of the twenty four Ronin (samurai without a master) the master of the twenty four Ronin was murdered by another samurai master and they raided the samurai master's castle and murdered him for the name of their master.

The ninja is one of the most deadly fighters the world in the world. The mobility of a ninja is almost unlimited with light armor and climbing gear. If only they found a way to fly. A ninja's armor was called a shinobi (usaully all black uniform made of silk and metal guards with lots of inside pockets used to hold all of there equipment). The ninja main weapon was usually his sword which was called a ninjato(a straight short sword made out of folded metal with one dull side). Ninjas had a vast collection of long ranged weaponry shurikens (ninja stars) ,morning star(spiked ball on a chain), kunai knives (a thin knife used for throwing but has a ring on the bottom of the hilt to attach a chain or strong string). A ninja loyalty was in whoever paid the ninja/s the most even then they would stab the back of there employers literally and metaphorically.

A lot of people think that samurai and ninjas are the same thing. But as you can read they are very different. When the samurai fights his enemies in front and personal, when a ninja would kill their enemies in your sleep for some cash. That is why these well known Japanese warriors are similar and mostly different.