Medieval Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon:
Warriors and Weapons
Schoch ½

It is a modern
rival.pngday belief that knights fought for a king in the continent of Europe, jousted against each other, and fought with
castles. The Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon, or Knights Templar for short, protected and guided Christian
pilgrims on their path to the Holy Land, never fought between each other (and if they did both of the knights would be kicked out of the order), and they fought on flat land against the Turkish soldiers trying to get back the religious city of . The Templars lived 1120-1312 C.E. all throughout Europe and in the Holy Land. The Templars had an rival order the Knights of Hospitallers (they had a rivalry like the Yankees and Boston Red Sox). (Farman 34-36)

An interesting part of the Knights Templars culture was its warriors and weapons to the Templars because the Knights they took a very strict code of conduct. We can learn more about this cultural aspect by looking at Templar’s armor, weapons, code, and battle.

The Knights Templar used a variety of armor like most knights at the time. Templar armor was very plain and undecorated meant for use not for show. The Templars had a chain mail shirt also known as a hauberk with long sleeves and hand coverings slit from the front and rear so he can ride a horse. Another piece of armor was acoif, or chain mail hood protecting his head andcm shirt.png chin. They also used a ventaille, or ventilator that covers the chin and mouth (can be untied for comfort). The knights also had a one piece metal helmet, and nasal to protect his nose. Another part of Templars armor was chausses, chain mail leggings. On their feet he would have chain mail shoes with spurs on the ankles. Over the knights torso armor he would wear a mantle with a red maltese cross on the left side of his chest (over the heart), show martyrdom. Under a Templar’s upper armor you will find he wears a padded jerkin or jupeau covers his entire upper body and top of his thighs usually made out of leather. Under his chain mail chausses he wears woolen breeches. Under the knights jupeau he would have a white linen shirt.(Nicholson 58-59)

The Knights Templar used a lot of the same weaponry that knights of that time used. knight would have a regular sword suspended on his left thigh with a leather scabbard. A templars cavalry would be equipped with ash-wood lances with a iron tip held with his The right hand. There artillery included warships armed with battering rams. They also used them for transportation of pilgrims, food, and horses. (Farman 34-36) (Nicholson 58-59)

The Templars had a very strict code of conduct. There golden rule was never to surrender or retreat unless the Templar(s) flag had had been put down, and even then they were first to try to regroup with the others of the Christian orders, such as the Hospitallers Knights. Only after all flags had fallen were they even allowed to leave the battlefield. This uncompromising principle, along with their reputation for courage, excellent training, and heavy armament, made the Templars one of the most feared combat forces in medieval times. To become a Templar you would have to swear to a life of poverty, chastity, and obedience. The had the obedience of a monk and the valour of a knight. They would fight anywhere they were required. The Knights Templar became the most dedicated, scariest soldiers of their time.

Some Freemasons include George Washington, John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin. The Templars still are here today as the Freemasons. They turned into masons when King Philip IV, and Pope Clement persecuted the knights at October, Friday, 13, 1307, for ludacris crimes that they did not commit, because they got so powerful and rich by intentional trade, banking, and diplomacy. (so much for their vows of poverty). The last Grand Master (leader of the Templars), Jacques de Molay was burned slowly at the stake in 13012. His last words were, “Let evil swiftly befall those who have wrongly condemned us – God will avenge us.” a month later the Pope died and not even a year after the king died. They also invented a medieval form of credit card, the telescope ,and mouth to mouth resuscitation. (Farman 34-36)<
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hauberk- A long tunic made of chain mail.

coif- A heavy skullcap of steel or leather, formerly worn under a helmet or chainmail hood.
ventilator-A device that circulates fresh air and expels stale or foul air.
chausses-the defensive covering of the legs
spurs-A short spike or spiked wheel that attaches to the heel of a rider's boot and is used to urge a horse forward
mantle-A loose sleeveless coat worn over outer garments; a cloak.
maltese cross-A cross having four equal arms resembling arrowheads joined at the points

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