"A difficult challenge brings out the best in people." In other words a tuff task shows your bravery, leadership, or the ability to complete the task. Imagine you were fighting for your countries independence. Imagine yourself sailing of to an undiscovered land. Imagine yourself going against monsters.
In the movie Brave Heart the protagonist William Wallace took the challenge for fighting for Scottish independence 1200 AD. Taking on that challenge brought out his bravery, leadership, and his warfare skills. There are many other movies were that quote comes into play. For example Star Wars, Lock Out, and the Hunger Games.
In history there are many challenges that bring out the best in a person, or a group of people. Like the American Revolution where the thirteen colonies went against the British Parliament to gain their independence. Also the challenge of Christopher Columbus sailing to the new world. That shows a lot a leadership skills because almost all the crew members thought that they were going to sail of the edge of the world! How about Daniel Boone running nonstop for one day, only having one meal, and was being hunted by Showni Indians.
In every day life people face challenges every day that brings out there greater side. For instance when your team is down by a lot and its the last inning/quarter/etc.. The team needs to step it up and try there hardiest or, there going to loose. If you do loose its not going to be by much, and even though you lost you still played your 200% and that all that matters. That's only one example of challenges that bring out the best in people.
In the epic the Odyssey written by the Greek poet Homer told a story of a man named Odysseus. His problem was getting back home from ten years of war which takes ten years. He had to face cannibal giants, a cyclopes, lutes eaters, and a six headed sea monster named Scylla. In all the challenges that he faced brought out his bravery, and leadership. He also had to cross the Rubicon several times one example is sailing his ship into a whirlpool loosing the ship, or going into Scylla territory and loose a garented six men! What would you choose in that situation.
Even though you might that when you fail a challenge it brings out your bad side. But that is simply not true as long as you try your fullest then you did bring out the best in you. Do you agree with my philosophy? That is why a challenge will show off the best in you, would it be your athletic ability, or your mental ability. Whatever the challenge is it will bring out the best in you.